The Most Important Information About Mold Testing And Remediation

Welcome to Safe At Home Mold and Indoor Air Quality Inspections & Testing.   When looking for an individual to evaluate your home or business for potential indoor mold growth or any VOCs it is important to use someone that is not involved in the remediation process. Safe At Home offers unbiased mold and indoor air quality testing without a conflict of interest.

Hiring a mold remediation company to inspect and test is a conflict of interest due to the fact that the mold remediation company’s interest is in the costly remediation. Sometimes a remediation is not needed. Also after a remediation is complete, a clearance test is needed to make sure the process was done correctly.

In some cases the homeowner can remedy the problem before a remediation company is needed.

What most restoration companies don’t want you to know is that not all mold is dangerous. Any inspection that is done without testing is simply a guess at what is going on with your indoor air quality.

Our service is so valuable because our air and surface samples offer hard evidence about what is going on in your home. Any respectable mold remediation company who is suggesting a home or business needs professional intervention should support the idea of a third party company like Safe At Home.

We have no problem letting our clients know the exact conditions of their tests and let them know if any action is required. However, when a problem is present we offer a detailed report with a step-by-step protocol for removal. This is called a work scope. This work scope is to be followed by the remediation company of there choice.

Safe At Home does a clearance test and is part of the consulting process.