03 Dec

Finding The Mold

The first step, as part of our specialized on-site service, includes a visual inspection for black mold or any other type of mold growing on interior surfaces of your home. If mold is growing in an area, we can take a direct sample from the area or object and have it tested for toxic mold spores. If you suspect hidden mold in your home we can perform environmental air sampling, bulk sampling, swab & bio-tape sampling. Our air quality testing method is used to locate and identify the presence of toxic molds, fungi, and pathogenic bacteria.

Is it toxic? Air testing and direct sample cultures are sent out to a certified laboratory to process the cultures. Mold testing air samples are analyzed for the presence of over 18 different types of molds. If a risk is identified, a mold sanitation or abatement plan is then discussed with the client.

We’ll check your HVAC unit dryer vent and attic ventilation during our inspection.


Mold Testing

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