mold fungus mildewYou see or suspect moisture or mold intrusion. Mold can grow for months without detection by the naked eye. Even after moisture levels are reduced, mold growth may continue or go dormant. It will not die! If you suspect a problem, you most likely have one. Find out he extent and how to deal with it as soon as possible.

You notice a musty smell. Because mold grows within building materials, you can often smell it before you see it. If you can see mold growth, the problem is in an advanced stage.

You suffer from allergy symptoms. Mold may affect you and your family’s health. The severity depends on the type, concentration, personal susceptibility, and many other factors.

You know of problems in other areas of the house. Mold can travel through and under building materials from one area to another. If you see mold or are aware of mold in one area, it may be a sign of a larger problem. Our professionally complete and absolutely free inspection will determine the full extent of the damage.